Film Score in Reverse Series
The Planets Suite by Gustav Holst animation introduction.

Engage your audience like never before. Take them on a journey through space to visit the
planets up close in our award winning real-time Animation for Holst’s “The Planets”.

This Voyage of Discovery 2 edition adds the latest breathtaking NASA animations and stills
in a new High Definition presentation that will stimulate your audiences imagination.

Watch as the Mars Rover travels through space, soft lands on Mars and begins it exploration
and documentation. Watch as a tornado appears on the Mars surface and view real NASA
satellite photos of an actual Mars tornado, see animations of solar flares from the sun hitting
Venus, the surface of Mercury, Jupiter’s Big Red Spot, comets hitting Jupiter’s surface,
Saturn’s rings close up and much more.

This incredible presentation is sequenced backstage and timed perfectly to your live performance. 

Featuring introductions by Dr. Norman Thagard, M.D., the first NASA astronaut to journey
into space aboard a Russian vehicle. These optional clips introduce the concert, the musical
movements and provide insight to Holst’s mythical visions and facts about the planets.

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Voyage of Discovery